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SodaStream: Pile Up The Savings ...

What better time to save on a purchase of a soda maker for college dorm, first apartment, wedding or housewarming! 
No lugging No empties Great value
No lugging
No more lugging or storing heavy, bulky soda bottles and cases of cans from the store.
No empties
No empties to recycle or dispose of.
Great value
Save money every day! Sparkling water for 25 cents per liter; soda for 25 cents per can.
Pile Up The Savings

Make great-tasting fresh seltzer and soda at the touch of a button:
Simply fill SodaStream's BPA-free reusable carbonating bottles with water. Attach the bottle to the soda maker, and press the carbonating button until you hear three loud buzzes. Add your favorite sodamix flavor (there are more than 60 varieties available) and enjoy. Simple and delicious! Learn more.

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