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Naturally Sweetened Diet Grapefruit Pomegranate - (sweetened with Stevia) *OUT OF STOCK*
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Made from Stevia and other all-natural ingredients, new SodaStream Naturally Sweetened Diet soda mix make great-tasting `better for you’ sodas. Naturally Sweetened Diets contain no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners, and do not contain any preservatives, making them a perfect, sparkling, natural soda alternative for the entire family.

Each 750ml bottle of Sparkling Natural concentrate will make 6 liters (approximately 25 8-oz servings) of all-natural soda.

A note about shelf life: When ordering Natural Sweetened Diet soda mix, SodaStream recommends ordering an amount that you will comfortably consume within 3-4 months. Natural Sweetened Diet soda mix feature a "best before" date which relates to optimal taste. Rest assured that Natural Sweetened Diets can safely be consumed well beyond this “best before” date, however peak taste is ensured by consuming prior to this date. Natural Sweetened Diet soda mix will typically arrive at your home with about 3-4 months remaining prior to the “best before” date, therefore please order no more than a 3-4 month supply.

Natural Sweetened Diet soda mix should be refrigerated after opening.