SodaStream Crystal Machine - Starter Kit

Price: $179.99

SodaStream Crystal Soda Maker

The SodaStream Crystal carbonates water in a reusable glass carafe, offering an eco-friendly solution to carbonating water.

Starter Kit Contents:
  • Crystal Sparkling Water Maker
  • 60L CO2 Carbonator (makes up to 60L of sparkling water)
  • Reusable Glass Carafe with Fizz-Preserving Closure
Dimensions: 6.25"w 17.2"h 10.5"d
C02 Carbonator Compatibility: 60L
Carbonating Bottle Compatibility: Glass Carafe
Carbonating Bottle Insertion: Bottle Flask
LED Fizz Indicator: No
Electricity Required: No
Automatic Carbonation: No
Material: Plastic
Warranty Period: 2 years