SodaStream Survey Reveals 49% of Americans Don’t Drink Enough Water, Despite 48% Knowing that Proper Hydration May Help Achieve Health Goals


MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. (January 3, 2017)— According to the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology, 45 percent of Americans always make New Year's resolutions, but only 8 percent keep them. The most popular resolutions likely to meet this fate: this year’s Marist Poll has losing weight and exercising more tied for second place, after “being a better person.” Meanwhile, a new study commissioned by SodaStream USA showed that one out of every two Americans needs to drink more water. Dehydration may be a key factor in why health-based are so quickly abandoned.

The SodaStream hydration study was conducted in late October by Lightspeed GMI and polled 1,750 Americans in the country’s 25 largest metropolitan areas. SodaStream also commissioned a companion national omnibus survey of 653 U.S. adults, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, to gauge water consumption in the country as a whole. The research found that nearly half (49 percent) of Americans are dehydrated, getting four or fewer glasses of water per day, and only one quarter of them (24 percent) approach the physician recommended seven or more glasses. The data also showed that 48 percent of respondents correctly understand that drinking enough water helps their bodies flush toxins—essential for heart, kidney, brain, muscle and skin health, and a third of respondents (32 percent) realize that proper hydration helps them lose unwanted weight.

“Achieving proper hydration is a healthy New Year’s resolution all Americans can actually keep,” said Emma Froelich-Shea, vice president of marketing for SodaStream USA. “People know they need to drink more water, but they still struggle. The good news is that SodaStream owners consume 43 percent more water and water-based beverages than those who do not own a machine. So whatever the New Year’s resolution—whether it’s specifically to drink more water, generally  to become more fit and healthy or actually to lose weight—having a SodaStream will help all Americans achieve their healthy New Year’s resolutions.”

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The Lightspeed GMI and Opinion Research studies found that people who dwell in urban areas report drinking more water. They also found that carrying a bottle of water is the most common way people try to stay hydrated. “But too many of people carry a full water bottle back home again at the end of the day,” added Froelich-Shea. “We call them the water luggers. We encourage those people to use their own tap water and a SodaStream machine to create delicious sparkling water. By toting sparkling water instead of flat water, they might go from being water luggers to water lovers. Learning to love their water would be especially important for the 26 percent of Americans who confessed that they do nothing at all to promote their hydration.”

Not enough Americans even know that insufficient water intake can have serious repercussions: only a minority of respondents understand that dehydration can cause swelling of the brain (40 percent knew this), accelerated aging (only 35 realized this) and seizures (only 31 percent were aware of this risk).

“The vast majority of Americans have access to excellent tap water that is easily made into delicious sparkling water with a SodaStream machine. Considering how many healthy New Year’s resolutions would be easier to achieve with proper hydration, SodaStream is the obvious tool in the ‘New Year / New You’ quest. And of course, when the resolution is environmentally minded, as mine is this year,” Froelich-Shea concluded, “SodaStream is invaluable in the fight to eliminate single-use plastic bottles, which are devastating our oceans.”

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