60L Carbonators

Exchange carbonators can no longer be purchased on Sodastreamusa.com.
Only spare carbonators are available online.
Please visit a local retailer* to exchange your carbonators.
All Spare CO2 Cylinder sales are final. No refunds are issued.
*prices may vary by retailer

SodaStream carbonators, whether used or full, are considered hazardous material by the US Department of Transportation and are subject to special handling rules. UPS and FedEx will not pick up hazardous material (used carbonators) from residences, nor will they accept them at UPS or FedEx stores or drop-off locations. PLEASE NOTE that this decision has no bearing on your ability to exchange carbonators at any SodaStream CO2 exchange retail locations. And, you can still order spare carbonators delivered to your home.

60L Spare Carbonator
60L Spare Carbonator - (single)
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60L Spare Carbonators
60L Spare Carbonators - (double)
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