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Sodastream In The News

Have you heard the buzz about SodaStream? Read on for a few words of fizz-dom about SodaStream soda makers!


Good Housekeeping

What's One Thing You Can't Live Without?

"Is fast, easy to use, and virtually maintenance-free"


Epicurious SHOP

Genesis Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

"The Ease of use is only exceeded by the fact that fresh soda pop tastes better"- Barbara, TN


Wall Street Journal-blog

A Bottle For Dad: Five Speakeasy Picks

"We find the machines incredibly intuitive and easy to use - and we like the fact that if you like your bubbly with lots of, well, bubbles, it's easy to boost the carbonation"



SodaStream Review- Just a Gimmick or Worth Buying?

"If you're a regular soda drinker there are plenty of benefits to buying a Sodastream which make it a surprisingly intelligent purchase"



Sodastream Refreshes With a Sleek New Look

"The Sodastream not only reduces waste, but saves your arms the stress of lugging multiple jugs of sparkling water home from the grocery store each week"



SodaStream Fizz Home Drinks Maker

"The Fizz helps you keep tabs on the gas level, ensuring that you won't unexpectedly run out of CO2"


The Fuse Project

SodaStream Source

"Welcome to a future without wasteful sparkling water and soda bottles"


Star Tribune

Target, Best Buy bubbly over SodaStream

"Using ordinary tap water at home precludes the need for plastic bottles"

Healthy Living Holiday Gift Guide

"Save money and cut calories by making your own soda and seltzer at home."

Holiday Gift Guide Extravaganza

"Look, you're either a sparkling water fan or you are not. If you are, stop blowing money on store-bought water. If you're not, stop blowing money on crappy carbonated beverages that are marked up 1,000 percent."



What Barry Wants for Christmas (by Barry Sonnenfeld)

"Esquire's Digital Man looks beyond the basics — and finds more than just gadgets that any man would love to get this holiday season."
Huffington Post: Kitchen Daily
Gail Simmons' Holiday Wish List
"Get some unique ideas for gift-giving this holiday season from from one of our favorite tastemakers!"
This Old House
Top 100: Best New Home Products
"We didn't know SodaStream could get any better, but it has."

Advertising Age

America's Hottest Brands 2011: SodaStream Pops Up in a Big Way

"In the past year, SodaStream has hit the shelves in a big way: It went from 2,500 stores in the fourth quarter of 2010 to nearly 9,500 today. That sort of growth is nothing short of explosive for any brand, but especially for one that until a few years ago had awareness levels in America of, well, zilch."


SodaStream In The News




Good Morning America
"Incredibly fun and helpful!"
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USA Weekend
"For the eco-friendly soda lover"
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ABC News, New York

Restaurants Go Green
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New York Magazine

Spurn the Bottle
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"Make perfect seltzer and soda at home ... I was very excited when I heard about Sodastream – and its 21st century [soda and] seltzer making machine ... In short, my dreams were answered ... Sodastream is highly recommended."
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Cooking Pleasures (Cooking Club of America)

Approved by the Cooking Club of America!

Overall rating 9 out of a possible 10.
"This product is recommended hands-down for anyone who likes to drink carbonated drinks, whether fruit, low-calorie or sugar-free. The machine is easy to use, and delivers a winning taste... It was easy to set up and the instructions were excellent."

The New York Times
"Reduce your carbon footprint, and you can make endless egg creams."
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"Be a god for ten minutes when you make your own soda."
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Yahoo! Tech
"Life-changing technology!"
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Environmental News Network
"On top of thousands of bottles and cans that the typical family will keep out of landfills with the use of the Sodastream soda maker, urban dwellers will appreciate not having to lug cases and cases of heavy soda up the stairs. Trips to the store are reduced, and one of the bulkiest items that you would buy disappears from the shopping list."