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Fresh Soft Drinks In Seconds... Without Lugging Or Storage Hassles!

With a SodaStream soda maker, you'll transform ordinary water into the freshest and best-tasting seltzer and soda anytime, at the touch of a button, with no clean-up.


Now, you can enjoy the best tasting soda on the planet ... and it's as easy as making coffee!

  • Save space with concentrated Sodamix and reusable carbonating bottles
  • No more lugging and storing heavy, bulky bottles and cans
  • No more hassles with empties in the trash or recycling bin
  • No batteries, no electricity, no plumbing
  • Over 60 flavors at the touch of a button

The opinions expressed are those of actual SodaStream customers who are not being compensated in any manner for their statements. They simply love SodaStream!

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