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SodaStream Caps® single-serve, recyclable capsules deliver a simple, fun and user-friendly experience with lifestyle appeal. One SodaStream Cap® will flavor one 1L SodaStream carbonating bottle in an instant, resulting in a consistently flavored sparkling beverage each time.


Simply choose your flavor, place the capsule onto a SodaStream bottle of carbonated water and press down lightly to start the flow of flavor. Within seconds your sparkling drink is ready to enjoy.


Regular Flavors
Diet Flavors
Country Time

Crystal Light
Ocean Spray
Cooking Light
V8 Splash

Happy Hour Cocktail Mixers
SodaStream Caps®
Energy Drink

Sparkling Naturals
Sparkling Tea
Stevia Flavors
MyWater Essence Flavors

Sodamix Variety Packs

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*SodaStream Caps® are compatible with 1L bottles ony. SodaStream Caps are not compatible with 1/2 liter bottles or Glass Carafes.


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